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GoFish 5.0 - Code Search tool for FoxPro

Full documentation for the GoFish app can found on the VFPx site on CodePlex:

Change Log

Build 5.0.162 (2016-12-09)

  • There is a new filter checkbox that allows selection of only those rows that are "Code" rows (in the "Match Type" column), eliminating matches to file names, procedure, method, or property names, and so on. This duplicates functionality already available in the Filter form while making it much more accessible and visible.
  • The Skip Files list, accessed in the Advanced form, now recognizes both wildcards and folder names, (Note that the list only applies if the "Skip Files" checkbox is selected.)

Build 4.3.014 (2012-06-18)

  • Fixed bug in Edit Line Replace Mode when deleting the entire line.
  • Fixed bug which prevented GF from opening the correct method when editing file from GF.

Build 4.3.012 (2012-06-11)

  • Fixed Editing of SCX and VCX from within GoFish so it will open to the correct method and object.
    (This bug only affected non-Thor users)

Build 4.3.011 (2012-06-03)

  • Filter Form: Added support for wildcards (* and ?) and the Not operator (!) in string match fields.
  • Added option for confirming "Whole Word" search if it is marked when starting a new search.
  • Added option for clearing the 'Apply Filter' checkbox with each new search
  • Added option to specify number of MRU entries to display in Scope/Search Expression dropdowns.
  • Fixed Report so that it will correctly use the same filter that is in place on the main grid.

Build 4.3.002 (2012-05-07)

  • Added new Search Mode: Uses wildcard matching (uses the FoxPro LIKE() function)
  • Added radio buttons on Advanced form to select Search Mode
  • Restored match word highlighting in Html code view
  • Enhanced File Template filter to accept '?' in filename or ext.
  • Fixed some other misc html code rendering things.
  • Fixed issue where Browser Zoom factor can get corrupted.
  • Big-A and Little-A buttons will now be hidden when Html code browser panel is collapsed.
  • Enhanced PropNvl() function to return default value if data type of stored value is does not match default value data type
  • Added initial code to prepare for support of Google Chrome Frame to render html view.

Build 4.2.068 (2012-03-30)

  • Fixed bug when double-clicking to view a match from a dbf (Browse is called)
    (Fixed in TreeView and in Grid)

Build 4.2.067 (2012-03-29)

  • Fixed searching so it will find matches in the .h include filename in SCX forms
  • Can now be compiled to a free-standing .exe for use outside of VFP IDE
  • Adjusted some label captions on main and Advanced form

Build 4.2.066 (2012-02-24)

  • Added necessary file extensions to backup DBCs and Labels during Replace

Build 4.2.065 (2012-02-21)

  • Fixed Search Scope to work with UNC paths i.e. \\server_name\folder_name

Build 4.2.064 (2012-02-21)

  • Fixed Search Scope to work with mapped drive letters

Build 4.2.063 (2012-02-21)

  • Fixed SetScope() method to properly allow Search Scope to be set from an external call

Build 4.2.062 (2012-02-20)

  • Fixed Search Scope History combo to remember <<Active Project>> and <<Current Dir>> between sessions

Build 4.2.061 (2012-02-14)

  • Fixed bug in Search Scope combo when choosing <<Active Project>> or <<Current Dir>>
  • Added <Include File> to the list of MatchTypes that can be replaced

Build 4.2.060 (2012-02-10)

  • Fixed Search Scope combo to better handle clicking, editing, pasting
  • Added Try/Catch SearchInTable() method to guard against corrupt dbf/fpt files

Build 4.2.059 (2012-02-08)

  • You can now click to set focus into the Search Scope combo box

Build 4.2.057 (2012-02-02)

  • Set AllowOutput = .f. on main GoFish for to prevent from appearing in form.
  • Added .Category setting to Thor_Tool_GoFish.prg to work with Thor 1.20 'Thor Tools' menu

Build 4.2.056 (2012-02-02)

  • Bug fixed in constructing Replace line text

Build 4.2.055 (2012-02-01)

  • Public release - See notes for 4.2.054 and 4.2.052

Build 4.2.054

  • Corrected error message that is displayed when RegEx expression fails.

4.2.052 (Build date: 2012-01-25)

  • Added support to Browse a dbf when you double click a row in the grid. [GF_PEME_BaseTools.EditSourceX()]
  • Added "Data" node to the TreeView to host matches from DBF tables.
  • Fixed Progress Bar UI control so the meter bar would not expand beyond themframe.
  • Added Up Arrow image to Project so it will build into the .app file.

4.2.050 (Released 2012-01-23)

  • First public release of 4.2

4.2.049 (Released 2011-12-30)

  • Added an Option property to allow user to select how many rows appear in history dropdowns


  • Corrections to ObjectName values for certain objects within container classes.

4.2.040 (Released 2011-12-30)

  • New "Property Selector" now works with <Property Def> matches too.

4.2.039 (Released 2011-12-30)

  • Fixed to work better with new object/property selector feature from PEME.
  • Fixed up the ObjectName values in the grid for objects in classes, to make them more complete.

4.2.038 (released 2011-12-29)

  • Fixed bug in directoy Scope handling of Advancef Form. Issue was that the trailing '\' needed to be removed.
  • Main form now manages setting _VFP.AutoYield = .T., and restoring original value in Deactive() event. (Per Ian Simcock)

4.2.037 (released 2011-12-28)

  • Removed delay from GFSE.EditFromCurrentRow(). JRN will handle getting PEME synced up with object, so we need not add a delay here.

4.2.036 (released 2011-12-28)

  • Fixed issue with dismissing the Advanced form when it is launched at start up
  • Added code to GFSE.EditFromCurrentRow() to select object or property in PEME.

Build 4.2.034 (released 2011-12-20)

  • Fixed bugs in Search Expresion History combo to always move selected entry to top of the list
  • Fixed several bugs in Search Scope History combo
  • Revised handling of Search Expression dropdown. (No longer uses Keyboard command)

Build 4.2.025 (released 2011-12-17)

  • Added help dialog box for File template on Advanced form
  • Renamed Advanced form from gofish_search to gofish_advanced (internal changes only)

Build 4.2.024 (released 2011-12-16)

  • Fixed wildcard handling on File template filter on the Advanced form.

Build 4.2.023 (released 2011-12-16)

  • Searches now process files in the Other Files area of a Project, excluding graphics.

Build 4.2.022 (released 2011-12-16)

Added support for Files To Skip during a search

  • You can create a file that contains filenames to skip during a search
  • You can activate/deactivate Skip Files mode with a checkbox on the Advanced form

Build 4.2.017 (released 2011-12-15)

  • There have been some nice changes to the layout and behavior of the Search Scope combo.
  • It does a better job of remembering your selection when closing GoFish, and the new layout separates recent Projects from recent Folders.
  • There is also an icon beside the Search Scope combo to indicate PJX vs. Folder

Version 4.2 (released 2011-12-14)

  • In addition to many UI changes, this release of GoFish includes a new Advanced Replace feature where you can call a UDF to edit the matched line(s) from the search results grid. (Credit for this idea goes to Jim Nelson)

Build 4.1.274

  • Revised GF_PEME_BASETEOOLS to call EditSourceX from PEME IDE Tools, if Thor is present. (This allows files to be checked out from source control using the PEME IDE Tools method.)

Build 4.1.272

  • Revised the minimum value for Replace Risk Level from 0 to 1.

Build 4.1.267

  • A few bugs fixed relative to new UI controls.
  • Modified to all GoFish to be used in multiple VFP sessions.

Build 4.1.265

(No functional changes, just some code cleanup)

  • Renamed some UI glasses to add the "gf_" prefix to help cut down on conflicts.
  • Revised Thor information on Options->Thor page