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On class wwBusPro, fixed code in the new Alltrim() method.

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 Local loJob as 'Job' of 'MyBusinessObjects.vcx'
 loJob = CreateWWBO('Job', .T.)	&&  Use the wwBusinessPro Factory procedure to return the BO from wwBusinessObjects.dbf
-									&& .T. means "load child object also" (see wwBusinessOb.dbf)
+									&& .T. means "load Child object(s) also"
 If !Vartype(loJob) = 'O'
  Messagebox('Test Failed - No object returned from call to CreateWWBO()')


 AMembers(laProperties, this.oData)
-For x = 1 to Len(laProperties)
+For x = 1 to ALen(laProperties)
-	lcProperty = laProperties[1]
+	lcProperty = laProperties[x]
 	lcRef = 'This.oData.' + lcProperty
 PROCEDURE calculatevalue
 Lparameters tcSql

File mybusinessobjects.VCT

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