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Ver 5.1. - March 5, 2019

wwBusinessPro is a wrapper library around the popular wwBusiness data-access library from West Wind Technolgies, which adds some additonal functionalities that help with Parent-Child mappings that are often used in CRUD applications.

The base wwBusiness library is an ORM-like data access library for Visual FoxPro that has been around for years which allows you to read and write data from tables in an object oriented way. It supports both native FoxPro dbf tables, and SQL Server.


This wwBusinessPro library extends the base features of wwBusiness by adding these new features:

  • Support for string based lookups as primary keys
  • Support for one or more sets of Child records per each Parent record
  • Saving the Parent Primary Key into the Child Foreign Key during the Save() operation
  • Adds methods for Ordering and Reordering Child records to control the order the are displayed in
  • Table-based Business Object definitions for Parent and Child tables. See http://mattslay.com/table-based-definition-of-parent-child-relationships-in-wwbusinesspro/


wwBusinessPro library is a free, open source project which extends the base wwBusiness framework. You will need to purchase a license for the main wwBusiness library to use with wwBusinessPro. You can get wwBusiness as part of the Web Connection or Client Tools package at the West Wind web site. See [[http://www.west-wind.com]]


Resources to help you use wwBusiness and wwBusinessPro:

Basic help with wwBusiness: