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who:   matt@genges.com
what:  installer for the Erlang Driver ToolKit with BDB support
when:  Made June 2007. First published October 2007. Re-publushed January 2009.
where: everywhere
why:   EDTK has many unique dependencies which are troublesome to manage.

  - erlang
  - OS X or Linux
  - wget
  - make, cat, patch, ranlib, cp, unzip, tar, mkdir, ... you get the idea

installation: run ./install-local-edtk+bdb.sh
              After the build process completes:
                The binary dependencies are in the installed/ directory.
                The erlang app is in edtk-1.5/examples/berkeley_db/releases

% ./install-local-edtk+bdb.sh

  - *Nothing* installs outside of the local directory.
    Everything is self-contained in the installed/ directory.
  - The installer expects to run perfectly all the way through the first time.
    If you need a clean workspace, run clean.sh
  - The installer only downloads files if they aren't in the current directory.
  - If a directory for an extracted archive exists, the installer assumes
    the application is configured and installed properly.
    Existing directories are passed over by the installer.
  - Everything is very much "works for me."  If you have problems, send fixes.
  - EDTK comes from http://www.snookles.com/erlang/edtk/

  - Make EDTK parts less copy/pasty.
  - Upgrade from BDB 4.5.20
  - Finer control over the install process so clean.sh isn't used as a crutch.
    Right now we assume if a directory exists then everything is okay.
    We don't know the state (configured? installed? busted?) of the

  - Over the past two years, Chris Newcombe, Scott Lystig Fritchie, and 
    Andy Gross have helped me clean up the EDTK install process and get it
    working under OS X.  Thanks guys!