Matt Stancliff avatar Matt Stancliff committed cc54367

Update to compile cleanly for R14

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 extract_object_and_method(AliasPrefix, Path) ->
     AliasPrefixRe = "^" ++ AliasPrefix ++ "/",
-    case regexp:first_match(Path, AliasPrefixRe) of
-	{match, 1, Length} ->
+    case re:first(Path, AliasPrefixRe, [{capture, first}]) of
+	{match, [{0, Length}]} ->
 	    ObjectMethod = string:substr(Path, Length + 1),
 	    case lists:reverse(string:tokens(ObjectMethod, "/")) of
 		[] -> {<<>>, <<>>};


 -export([do/1, load/2]).
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