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what:  OS X desktop viewer for Basecamp data
when:  made Feb 2008.  Improved and bugfixed April-May 2008.
       published January 2009.
where: everywhere
why:   Someone wanted to export their Basecamp time entries to Quickbooks format
license: MIT

  - 10.4+
  - OS X Developer Tools

performance: if you do everything right, it doesn't crash.

installation: build it.  

  In January 2007 someone mentioned they kept manually entering their Basecamp
data into Quickbooks.  Inspired by their need, I made SignalTime.
  SignalTime gives you multiple views into your Basecamp data as well as the
ability to export time records into Quickbooks IIF or CSV formats.
  After trying to sell SignalTime licenses starting May 2007 and receiving a 
handful of downloads, nobody appeared overly interested in using 
(or purchasing) SignalTime.

  Now, near the one-year anniversary of SignalTime's inception, it's time
to set him free.  SignalTime and the accompanying licensing infrastructure 
are posted here for your edification, amusement, and maybe even for actual use.

Odd files out:
  Licensing Infrastructure:
    Example license files are in license_manager_processing/ including the 
  private key for signing SignalTime licenses.  Examples of pre-signed and 
  post-signed licenses are there and in the SignatureManager.m test() function.

  Sparkle Packaging:
    The script turns a .app bundle into a format appropriate
for posting to a Sparkle app feed.