A plugin to post to CQ5, using sublime text. Leverages the SlingPostServlet (as documented here)


This plugin supports most file types that will be PUT or POST-ed to CQ5.

  1. jsp's / other scripting languages
  2. 'plain' xml files
  3. static files
  4. design_dialog.xml
  5. dialog.xml

TODO --> add .content.xml, cq_edit config.xml support TODO --> add HTTPS support


Check out the repo under your "Packages" directory or install via Package Control and restart Sublime Text 3. Please note, Sublime Text 2 is not supported at this time The package control name is 'CQ5-Saver'


Upon successful save to CQ5, the console will log the destination path and the corresponding status code response from the server to the std out. (press ctrl + tilde) - 204 : No Content (successful) - 201 : Content created (succesful)


If you wish to change the way CscopeSublime behaves, you may pass arguments to override any of the following default variables

host = "http://localhost:4502/"
username = 'admin'
password = 'admin'

COFFEE_SUFFIX = ".coffee"
JS_SUFFIX = ".js"
XML_SUFFIX = ".xml"
COFFEXEC = 'coffee.cmd'
JCRROOT = "jcr_root\\"
ENC = 'utf-8'
DIALOG = "dialog.xml"
DESIGN_DIALOG = "design_dialog.xml"
JCR_CONTENT = ".content.xml"
CLIENTLIB = "clientlibs"

Syntax for the args can be seen in the .sublime-commands file located in this repo (i.e.) --> "args": {"host": "http://localhost:4503/", "username" : "admin", "password" : "admin"}


  • Ctrl/ + Shift + s - Deploy to CQ5 on localhost:4502 with basic auth (admin:admin)

Coffee compilation

This plugin will compile 'on the fly', bare javascript from your .coffee files, directly to the corresponding JCR path


The plugin looks within the path for a folder labeled "jcr_root\". This can be overriden by passing in an arg "JCRROOT", in case your specific folder structure does not match jcr_root\apps\yourapp\blablabla

Bugs / Features / Forking

By all means, please fork this repo and update the code base if you find any room for improvement, of which I'm sure there is plenty. This is my first stab at using python. Please drop a bug in the issue tracker if you find any problems.


This whole package is distributed under the MIT license.