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Improve the jsp

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       <option name="BASE_DIRECTORY_NAME" value="Unnamed__NETPackagesSupport_2" />
+      <option name="HTTP_PORT" value="8111" />
     <predefined_log_file id="TOMCAT_LOCALHOST_LOG_ID" enabled="true" />
     <extension name="coverage" enabled="false" merge="false" sample_coverage="true" runner="idea" />


 <%@ include file="/include.jsp"
-%><jsp:useBean id="build" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SBuild" scope="request"
-/><c:if test="${not empty build}">
+%><c:if test="${not empty build}">
   <td class="bt"><bs:buildTypeLink buildType="${build.buildType}"/></td>
   <td class="build"><%@ include file="/changeBuild.jspf" %></td>
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