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Maxim Podkolzine
repo owner created an issue
  • make test analysis not require input metrics, try to analyze full and stop when enough is found (also allow to stop it manually)
  • display some data on test line even until uncollapsed
  • cannot send a link to the test on the page

  • what is "suspicious tests" ? - need a definition

  • why do we need "tests that always fail" ?

  • what is agent's %??? failures from all runs? why 100% then if failures are not 100% (AntCoverageRunnerTest.testCoverage_IDEA…paces("tools/apache-ant-1.8.2", "1.8.2"))

wrong: AgentServiceMessageTest.test_TW_11804_1 http://buildserver/project.html?projectId=project269&tab=analysis

  • UI: "Complete test details »", no divider between expanded tests

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