teamcity-flaky-plugin / .idea / misc.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
  <component name="EntryPointsManager">
    <entry_points version="2.0" />
  <component name="JavadocGenerationManager">
    <option name="OUTPUT_DIRECTORY" />
    <option name="OPTION_SCOPE" value="protected" />
    <option name="OPTION_HIERARCHY" value="true" />
    <option name="OPTION_NAVIGATOR" value="true" />
    <option name="OPTION_INDEX" value="true" />
    <option name="OPTION_SEPARATE_INDEX" value="true" />
    <option name="OPTION_DOCUMENT_TAG_USE" value="false" />
    <option name="OPTION_DOCUMENT_TAG_AUTHOR" value="false" />
    <option name="OPTION_DOCUMENT_TAG_VERSION" value="false" />
    <option name="OPTION_DOCUMENT_TAG_DEPRECATED" value="true" />
    <option name="OPTION_DEPRECATED_LIST" value="true" />
    <option name="OTHER_OPTIONS" value="" />
    <option name="HEAP_SIZE" />
    <option name="LOCALE" />
    <option name="OPEN_IN_BROWSER" value="true" />
  <component name="ModuleEditorState">
    <option name="LAST_EDITED_MODULE_NAME" />
    <option name="LAST_EDITED_TAB_NAME" />
  <component name="ProjectResources">
  <component name="ProjectRootManager" version="2" languageLevel="JDK_1_5" assert-keyword="true" jdk-15="true" project-jdk-name="1.6" project-jdk-type="JavaSDK">
    <output url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/out" />
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