teamcity-flaky-plugin / build /

<project name="build hooks" default="replace-tokens-in-teamcity-plugin-xml" basedir=".">

  <target name="replace-tokens-in-teamcity-plugin-xml">
    <property name="home" value="${artifact.output.path}"/>

    <echo message="replacing tokens in teamcity-plugin.xml file under ${home}"/>

    <condition property="build.number" value="snapshot" else="${build.number}">
        <isset property="build.number"/>

    <echo message="Setting version to: ${build.number}"/>
    <!-- update all references in teamcity-plugin.xml files -->
    <replace dir="${home}" summary="true">
      <include name="**/teamcity-plugin.xml"/>

      <replacefilter token="@Plugin_Version@" value="${build.number}"/>
      <replacefilter token="@Plugin_Vendor@" value="JetBrains, s.r.o."/>
      <replacefilter token="@Plugin_Vendor_Url@" value=""/>

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