Tay Ray Chuan avatar Tay Ray Chuan committed ce92133

tests.db.test_unique: use skipIf

Strip trailing space on import line while we're at it.

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 from south.db import db, generic
 from django.db import connection, models, IntegrityError
-from south.tests import unittest, skipUnless        
+from south.tests import unittest, skipIf, skipUnless
 # Create a list of error classes from the various database libraries
 errors = []
         # We need to match up for tearDown
+    @skipIf(db.backend_name == "sqlite3", "SQLite backend doesn't support this "
+                                          "yet.")
     def test_unique(self):
         Tests creating/deleting unique constraints.
-        # SQLite backend doesn't support this yet.
-        if db.backend_name == "sqlite3":
-            return
         db.create_table("test_unique2", [
             ('id', models.AutoField(primary_key=True)),
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