mid high diamonds

Here is our codebase for Battlecode 2016. The source for our final submission can be found at battlecode/src/infestorbot2 (excuse the uninspired name).

Team Members: Justin Venezuela, Max Nelson, Ryan Cheu


The Eclipse .project file can be found in battlecode/ide/eclipse. The engine can be run with ant run in the battlecode folder.


  • battlecode/src contains our various bots. Most of them were bots we made for testing. We had a server running the archon tool continuously on each commit, matching our current bot under development with our various other bots. For example, swannbotimmortalprotocol was our turtling bot and we made sure any bot we submitted scored well against it.
  • scripts contains, as you might imagine, various scripts. For example, scripts/ continuously scraped the scrimmage rankings page, keeping an eye on which teams were losing against which other teams. Justin wrote this script for Battlecode 2012.
  • battlecode/maps contains a bunch of maps we used for testing micro, navigation, scout exploration, etc..

Special thanks

  • Thanks to the devs for all their help in the IRC and for making another great Battlecode game.
  • Thanks to Nick Mohr for theorycrafting with us.
  • Thanks to various teams of past years' Battlecodes for opening their code publicly. We freely borrowed navigation and army micro from fun gamers, The_Duck 2014, and The_Duck 2015, just to name a few.