Added HTTP request data and emulate REST features

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  1. Ryan Schumacher

Been working with BackboneJS with my HTML5 app and PUT and DELETE are not supported in HTML5 DRAFT.

Fixed a bug with strtolower on the wrong line.

Comments (2)

  1. Zohaib Sibte Hassan repo owner

    On line 169 why would you need || $param === FALSE in if check? I think its pretty useless. Also uemulateREST returns nothing however on line 604 and 605 you are trying to use its return value.

    1. Ryan Schumacher author

      Line 169: $param is false so the user can the emulate off. However you bring up a good point if you set emulate to an empty string it essentially does the same. I believe I set the the FALSE parameter so it is easier for the user to understand it being ON if it is a STRING or OFF if it is FALSE.

      If you look at line 173 you will see it does return a value. Since you use a functional approach to MiMViC which also seems very javascript-ish in style I decided to implement uemulateREST similar to many javascript frameworks (i.e. jQuery, Backbone) where the function sets a value if parameter is set or returns a value if the parameter is not set.

      One bug I found though is:

      Line 170, I am doing strtolower on the param, but really needs it on Line 605