That's this?

This script configures linux machine to run django projects. You can use it
as template to develop your own installation script.

This script works with debian machine, it uses aptitude to install webserver,
database, python, gcc, virtualenv, pip, etc.

Webserver stack is nginx + uwsgi + django + postgres.

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How to use it?

1) Buy VPS. Get root SSH credentials. Setup RSA authorization::

    ssh-copy-id root@your-server

2) Log in as root

3) Download the script:

    wget --no-check-certificate -O ~/

4) Run the script:

    $ bash ~/

During executing you'll need to answer aptitude questions how to resolve
package version issues.

That's all. Of course, you can and should adapt script for you taste.


The script is self-documented, being the simple shell script.

Some extra comments in russian could be found here:

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS