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         // if the document is not correct, it should be handled by the caller
         // class
         if ((doc.getRootElement() == null) ||
-                !"gxf".equals(doc.getRootElement().getName())) {
+                !SystemSettings.GXF_TAG.equals(doc.getRootElement().getName())) {
             throw new XMLFormatNotCorrectException();
         // configure component specific fields
         // if it is the root element or it is a node, then it might have some
         // edge elements
-        if ("gxf".equals(element.getName()) ||
+        if (SystemSettings.GXF_TAG.equals(element.getName()) ||
         		SystemSettings.NODE_TAG.equals(element.getName())) {
             // for these elements first create all the arcs inside them, and
             // then
     private static LimeSubpart createLimeSubpart(Element element) {
         String name = element.getName();
-        if ("gxf".equals(name)) {
+        if (SystemSettings.GXF_TAG.equals(name)) {
             return new LimeDiagram();
         root.add(new DefaultAttribute(SystemSettings.XLINK_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE, "resource"));
         root.add(new DefaultAttribute(SystemSettings.XLINK_LABEL_ATTRIBUTE,
-                limeSubpart.getRevisedName()));
+                getParentChildPath(limeSubpart)));
         // if it goes beyond two-dimension we should still be able to define it


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