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This project is a visualization software for LIME (Less Is MorE) parallel programming framework. In LIME a program is consisted of a set of components made by C99 and connected through edges and ports together - specified by GXF.

In this repository you can find the source-code for this project (Visual part) which is indeed an eclipse plugin. If you want to import the source-code and work on that you can simply clone the project using 'Mercurial Eclipse', or by typing the follwing in your command line:

$ hg clone http://bitbucket.org/mazaninfardi/lime-eclipse/wiki/

To be able to clone the project, you need to install mercurial on your system (Either Windows or Linux), and that would be then that you would have hg.

Further you can clone LIME itself from another BitBucket repository which is called LIME.

Plugin features

  • Draw components (which are boxes in the diagram)
  • Add port to components, both input and output
  • Draw arcs from output ports to input ports
  • Draw associations between ports of the same type (either input or ouput)
  • Modify the settings of each element (components, ports and arcs)
  • Layout the diagram automatically
  • View an outline of the elements in the diagram
  • Use bird view option
  • Have multiple nested components
  • Also you can use make (if you have Eclipse C/C++ and LIME [library package] installed) the project and run the results
  • ...

Simply Running the Project

If you just want to use the project and not be a developer, you can use the other repository called LIME

To know how to make it work and be aware of the common issues you can look at the wiki pages of LIME-eclipse-jar