AudioEngine / src / AudioEngine / player / Looper.h

//  Looper.h
//  audioOutputExample
//  Created by Marek Bereza on 02/08/2011.

#pragma once

#include "Player.h"

class Looper: public Player {
    void loadFromXml(ofxXmlSettings &xml, string tagName, int which) {
        xml.pushTag(tagName, which);

    void loadLoops(ofxXmlSettings &xml) {
        int numLoops = xml.getNumTags("loop");
        // load each sound in the xml
        for(int i = 0; i < numLoops; i++) {
            // test to see if we're loading files or folders
            string filePath = ofToDataPath(xml.getAttribute("loop", "file", "", i));
    vector<audio::SampleRef> loops;
    // which speakers to play the sound out of
    int output1;
    int output2;

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