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           <li class="spotlight">
               Plone is among the <a href="">top 2%</a>
               of all open source projects worldwide,
-              with <a href="/team">340 core developers</a> and more than
+              with <a href="">340 core developers</a> and more than
               <a href="">300 solution providers</a>
               in <a href="">57 countries</a>.
               The project has been actively developed
               <a href="/documentation/faq/plone-history">since 2001</a>,
               is available in more than
-              <a href="/documentation/faq/translations">40 languages</a>,
+              <a href="">40 languages</a>,
               and has the <a href="">best security</a>
               track record of any major CMS. <br/>
-              It is owned by the <a href="/foundation">Plone Foundation</a>,
+              It is owned by the <a href="">Plone Foundation</a>,
               a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization,
               and is available for
-              <a href="/download">all major operating systems</a>.
+              <a href="">all major operating systems</a>.
               <div class="sources">
               <a title="Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)" style="display: inline;" href="">CVE</a> and
     <div class="grid-cell width-quarter position-three-quarters">
       <div id="accordion">
-        <h2 class="current">Get Plone</h2>
+        <h2 class="current">Baixe o Plone</h2>
         <div class="pane" style="display:block">
-          <a id="download-link" href="/download">DOWNLOAD NOW<br />
+          <a id="download-link" href="/download">Faça o download<br />
-              <span tal:content="python: here.products.getFeaturedProjectRelease().getId()">3.2.0</span>
+              <!--span tal:content="python: try: here.products.getFeaturedProjectRelease().getId()">3.2.0</span>
-              <span tal:content="python: here.products.getFeaturedProjectRelease().effective_date.strftime('%h ' + u'\u2019' + '%y')">Feb 2009</span></a>
+              <span tal:content="python: try: here.products.getFeaturedProjectRelease().effective_date.strftime('%h ' + u'\u2019' + '%y')">Feb 2009</span--></a>
-              <dt><a href="/products/plone/features/">What’s new in Plone 4</a></dt>
-              <dd>An overview of the new features.</dd>
+              <dt><a href="/products/plone/features/">Novidades do Plone 4</a></dt>
+              <dd>Visão geral sobre as novas funcionalidades.</dd>
               <dt><a href="">Roadmap</a></dt>
-              <dd>Our plans for the future.</dd>
-              <dt><a href="/products/plone/releases">Older releases</a></dt>
-              <dd>Looking for a previous version?</dd>
-              <dt><a href="/products">Add-on Products</a></dt>
-              <dd>Adapt Plone to your needs.</dd>
+              <dd>Planos para o futuro.</dd>
+              <dt><a href="/products/plone/releases">Versões anteriores</a></dt>
+              <dd>Procurando uma versão anterior?</dd>
+              <dt><a href="/products">Produtos e extensões</a></dt>
+              <dd>Adapte o Plone às suas necessidades.</dd>
-        <h2>Learn Plone</h2>
+        <h2>Aprenda Plone</h2>
         <div class="pane">
-            <dt><a href="/documentation">Documentation</a></dt>
-            <dd>Plone has a great collection of online documentation.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="/documentation/books">Buy Books</a></dt>
-            <dd>For those of you who think better in bed with a book.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="/support">Forums &amp; Chat Rooms</a></dt>
-            <dd>People are always ready to help you with your Plone questions.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="/events/training">Find Plone Training</a></dt>
-            <dd>Let one of the Plone experts guide you through getting productive.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="">Commercial Support</a></dt>
-            <dd>Over 300 companies around the world offer Plone services.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="/documentacao">Documentação</a></dt>
+            <dd>O Plone tem uma grande coleção de documentações online.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Livros</a></dt>
+            <dd>Para aqueles que pensam melhor com um livro.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Fóruns e salas de bate-papo</a></dt>
+            <dd>Pessoas sempre prontas a responder suas dúvidas de Plone.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Treinamentos em Plone</a></dt>
+            <dd>Permita que um especialista em Plone lhe oriente a se tornar produtivo.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Suporte comercial</a></dt>
+            <dd>Mais de 300 empresas ao redor do mundo oferecem serviços em Plone.</dd>
-        <h2>Get Involved</h2>
+        <h2>Envolva-se</h2>
         <div class="pane">
-            <dt><a href="">Suggest New Features</a></dt>
-            <dd>Have an awesome idea about a new feature for Plone?</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Sugira novas funcionalidades</a></dt>
+            <dd>Tem uma ideia incrível para uma nova funcionalidade no Plone?</dd>
-            <dt><a href="">Report Bugs</a></dt>
-            <dd>Plone has no bugs. If you found one anyway, report it here.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Relate bugs</a></dt>
+            <dd>O Plone não tem bugs. Mas se você encontrar um, avise aqui.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="">Write Code</a></dt>
-            <dd>If you’re proficient in Python, HTML, CSS or JS, join us!</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Desenvolva código</a></dt>
+            <dd>Se você é fluente em Python, HTML, CSS ou JS, una-se!</dd>
-            <dt><a href="">Translate, Write Docs, Help Test</a></dt>
-            <dd>There are lots of things you can do to make Plone better.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Traduza, escreva documentações, ajude a testar</a></dt>
+            <dd>Existem várias coisas que você fazer para tornar o Plone melhor.</dd>
-            <dt><a href="">Read Blogs, Publish Yours</a></dt>
-            <dd>Stay up to date on Plone</dd>
+            <dt><a href="">Leia blogs, publique no seu</a></dt>
+            <dd>Atualize-se sobre o Plone</dd>
-            <dt><a href="/foundation">Support the Plone Foundation</a></dt>
-            <dd>If all else fails, give cold, hard cash.</dd>
+            <dt><a href="/foundation">Apóie a Plone Foundation</a></dt>
+            <dd>Se tudo mais falhar, doar dinheiro pode ser uma boa opção.</dd>
     </div> <!-- End cell -->
   </div> <!-- End row -->
-  <div style="clear:both"></div>
+  <div class="visualClear"><!-- --></div>