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File sphinx/texinputs/sphinx.sty

-% Fix the index and bibliography environments to add an entry to the Table of
+% Fix the index environment to add an entry to the Table of
 % Contents; this is much nicer than just having to jump to the end of the book
 % and flip around, especially with multiple indexes.
+% A similiar fix must be done to the bibliography environment, although
+% dependant on document class. In particular, the '\addcontentsline' command
+% should use 'chapter' for a report and 'section' for an article.
+% See sphinxmanual.cls and sphinxhowto.cls for specific fixes.
-  \cleardoublepage
-  \phantomsection
-  \py@OldThebibliography{1}
-  \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\bibname}
 % Include hyperref last.