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An open-source underwater time-lapse imaging system


There are many systems, both software and instrumentation, that have been developed in an attempt to automate quantification of plankton from images. SeeStar is a modular underwater camera system designed to operate autonomously on platforms of opportunity, including piers, mooring cables, ships, and mobile vehicles. Its goals are to leverage off-the-shelf and inexpensive technology to create a widely accessible system.

SeeStar prototype

SeeStar II - Pre-release info

January 2016: The second generation SeeStar system is released. This Arduino-controlled system is easier to build than the first generation. There are also options for purchasing deep-rated (1500m) housings that are SeeStar compatible.

SeeStar II - The README and all the files are in the Source folder. You can download all the files at once in the SeeStar II zip archive

Contact info

Contact either ckecy or haddock at mbari{dot}org or post an issue here.


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