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Jonas Follesø created an issue

I've run into some issues with the LED module. I'm not able to turn it on (when issuing the commands 5 (power) and 6 (LED button)) when connected to serial port.

Turning on power does provide power to the board, and the voltage regulator works (~3.2V is provided to the LED board).

However, issuing the LED-button command does not turn it on. I've checked the wiring, and I can't see whats wrong. Do you guys have any tips on how to debug it?

Might try to connect it to a breadboard and LED later to check if the 200ms high signal is actually sent to the LED board..?

Also; there might be a mistake in the Camera Module documentation:

Camera Module J2 (MCBH8F) - To LED Module Pin #7 TRIG_OUT is connected to J9 on the shield. But J9 is the LED debug jumper on the shield, right?

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  1. Jonas Follesø reporter

    I was able to get the LED light working. I think the problem was with the DC-DC converter and shrink wrapping it. I think some connections must have come loos or been unstable. Not sure.

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