Turning on/off power to the GoPro

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Jonas Follesø created an issue

On the GoPro I have the opposite issue as with the LED. I'm able to issue the command to turn the GoPro On (GoPro button) - but it has constant power - i.e. there is power on the CAM PWR connector at all times, even if I issue the command to toggle the power.

Any ideas/suggestions - could the shield be faulty or have I messed something up..?

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  1. Jonas Follesø reporter

    I've tested this using a multimeter to measure voltage at the CAM +/- connector. There is always power, while the LED +/- connectors can be switch on/off using the 5 serial command.

  2. Jonas Follesø reporter

    After adding a jumper to J9 to turn on diagnostic LEDs the blue D2 led is on - indicating GoPro power.

  3. Chad Kecy

    You should be able to remove power completely from the camera. If you look at the schematic of the controller board, you'll see the CAM_POWER signal which turns a mosfet on and off. Issuing the software command should cause this signal to toggle. (likewise for the LED). It's possible the P-channel mosfet is bad or maybe the software is behaving properly. You could unplug the Arduino from the controller board and manually cause CAM_POWER to go high and low and verify BATT is being enabled/disabled.

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