12-cell NiMH battery pack from Battery Specialties (PN# 11021184)

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Jonas Follesø created an issue

The PN# 11021184 is not listed on the http://www.batteryspecialties.com/ website. I've been in contact with Battery Specialties, and they do not list the item, nor can they ship it internationally.

I've started researching an alternative, but figured I'd submit an issue as this is something future builders of the Seestar might run into. I will post any findings as a comment on this issue.

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  1. Steve Haddock

    Thanks, we will get that part number sorted out. We did start looking into using very high capacity battery packs designed to recharge phones and USB devices in the field. @chadmiral should have more info on that.

  2. Chad Kecy

    Thanks for the note Jonas. Our battery is a custom part number for them so I wouldn't expect it to be on their website. Their sales team should be able to reference it, though. I will check with my contact there and make sure it is available. However, the battery is the easiest module to modify. It just needs to be in the 12-16Vdc range.

  3. Jonas Follesø reporter

    After doring some research I've found a Norwegian company that specializes in batteries. They have all kinds of battery packs in stock, and can also build custom battery packs: https://altitec.no/batterier/batteri-til-dykkelykt/filter/14_15_9_volt.html.

    I guess the important detail in terms of battery, is making sure it fits inside the casing. I couldn't find exact measurements of the actual battery module in the drawings or document. I guess that would be handy if people are to use other batteries.

    The next step (as soon as I get the break away headers for the Arduino Mini Pro) is to connect the Arduino and the Controller Shield, do all the different tests, and also try to connect the GoPro and see if it powers up/down as expected etc.

    I just want to double check; in the Controller Shield Hardware Interface document, test 5 it says:

    "Set an external DC power supply up for 12Vdc with a 3 amp current limit. Hook the output of the DC power supply up to J1 on the Controller Shield."

    So to do testing of both the LED and the Camera module, I can use any standard 12Vdc power supply? Meaning I don't need to sort the battery out to test everything else (the GoPro and LED module)?

    I've spent the weekend reading up on various tutorials on electronics on SparkFun - I haven't been dealing with this stuff since high school.

    As I mentioned in an e-mail I'm doing a build-log on my blog documenting any progress I make: http://jonas.follesoe.no/seestarbuild/

  4. Chad Kecy

    That's right regarding the power supply. During testing I just use a DC power supply at 12Vdc. I made a test cable that allows me to plug it into the camera module as if I had a battery module but you could also just apply the 12Vdc directly to the Controller shield.

    Good catch on the battery pack dimensions. I'll ask our ME to draw something up. Glad you're having fun with this project!

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