Break Away Headers for Arduino Pro-Mini

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Jonas Follesø created an issue

I've received the Arduino Pro Mini which I ordered from Sparkfun. The Arduino Pro Mini does not come with Break Away Headers installed, so you need to purchase these separately and solder them on. The part list does not include these headers - so I forgot to purchase them when I placed the Sparkfun order. This link has some useful information about programming the Arduino Pro Mini.

The Programming Guide has the following steps described for programming the Arduino:

  1. If the Arduino is plugged onto the Controller Shield, install a jumper shunt on J4.
  2. Hook up the FTDI cable between the computer and the Arduino.

By FTDI cable I assume it's this part which I did order from Sparkfun.

So, one improvement to the documentation could be to add some more content on the Arduino Pro board, or at least update the bill of materials to include the break away headers (or more specific part number if there are Arduino Pro Mini versions with break away headers pre soldered).

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  1. Chad Kecy

    Good catch Jonas. Our Arduino Pro Minis had had the break away connectors soldered on them for so long that I overlooked that they were separate items! I'll look over that link and update the documentation.

  2. Jonas Follesø reporter

    No problem re-ordering (I think I'll be able to find the break away connectors locally - so prob won't need to re-order).

    Glad you appreciate the feedback, and that this format is okay. I'll continue to post issues as I notice things that are unclear to me when going through the build process.

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