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Sort transactions

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 PICKLEPATH = os.path.join(APP_DIR, 'transactions.pkl')
+def date_key(e):
+  day, mon, year = e['date'].split(".")
+  return year + mon + day
 class Gui:
   def __init__(self):
       if not _has_transaction(combined, t):
+    combined = sorted(combined, key=date_key)
     self._transactions[account['number']] = combined
     if os.path.isfile(PICKLEPATH):
       if self._transactions.has_key(a['number']):
-        for j, t in enumerate(self._transactions[a['number']]):
+        transactions = sorted(self._transactions[a['number']],
+                              key=date_key)
+        transactions.reverse()
+        for j, t in enumerate(transactions):
           if j > TRANSACTION_COUNT:
           row = [t['date'], t['person'], t['ammount']]
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