'superdeep' model code repository

NOTE: This is a work in progress, with NEURON code updates
being frequently added over the next few days. The neuroConstruct
portion of this model will be added over the next several weeks.

NEURON portion written by Marianne Bezaire,,
neuroConstruct portion written by Padraig Gleeson

Last updated on May 15, 2014
Latest versions of this code are available online at:
Open Source Brain:

This code is associated with the publication:
Lee S, Marchionni I, Bezaire MJ, Varga C, Danielson N, Lovett-Barron M, Losonczy A, Soltesz I.
GABAergic Basket Cells Differentiate Among Hippocampal Pyramidal Cells.
Neuron, 2014. In press.

If you do not want to run this code, but want to analyze the results
obtained by running this code, the results are available upon request by

If you want to view a graphical description of the model network built
by this code, please see:

To run the NEURON implementation of this model from the command line, enter:
cd path_to_nc_superdeep/NEURON
nrnivmodl # or mknrndll in windows
nrniv superdeep.hoc