My submission for the project activity linked to professor Denti's Computational Models And Languages course at Unibo.

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Scartch is a VR educational visual programming environment inspired by MIT's Scratch and designed to combine a simple visual programming language with an intuitive natural interface.

This project is shared under the MIT License.


  • Scartch/: the Unity project folder. The project is upgraded for Unity 2017.3, requires Blender (for model import) and uses Newton VR as a proxy for Oculus VR runtime (can be easily swapped with SteamVR).

  • Pdf/Pptx Presentation files describing the project. The original is in Italian, I translated it quickly with Office 365's impressive built-in automatic translator.

  • MaterialePresentazione/: images, pdfs and other files that I used for my presentation (also includes a StarUML diagram for the whole thing).


You can find demo videos showing how ScARtch works here.