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Test if doctrees retain semantic structure.

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 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
 msgid "File with UTF-8 BOM"
-msgstr "Datei mit UTF-8 BOM"
+msgstr "Datei mit UTF-8"
 msgid "This file has a UTF-8 \"BOM\"."
 msgstr "This file has umlauts: äöü."


         confoverrides={'language': 'xx', 'locale_dirs': ['.']})
 def test_patch(app):['bom'])
-    res = (app.outdir / 'bom.txt').text('utf-8')
-    assert res == u"Datei mit UTF-8 BOM\n\nThis file has umlauts: äöü.\n"
+    result = (app.outdir / 'bom.txt').text('utf-8')
+    expect = (u"\nDatei mit UTF-8"
+              u"\n***************\n" # underline matches new translation
+              u"\nThis file has umlauts: äöü.\n")
+    assert result == expect
 def setup_patch():
     (test_root / 'xx' / 'LC_MESSAGES').makedirs()
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