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Licensed under The MIT License (MIT) -
Copyright (c) 2013 RightShift


rsvpd is a simple daemonised ping script, created by RightShift, as part of a solution to graph and research possible
issues between nodes. It reads servers to monitor from a server list file, and continuously logs the output of the
pings (min, max, avg, packetloss) to a statsd server.

For simplicity, we have combined several scripts (originally our 'bin' and init.d) into a single

Notes On Usage:

Make sure that wherever lives, a link to it exists in /etc/init.d/ and that the path to the serverlist (SERVERLIST) is valid and readable.

Secondly, fill the SERVERLIST file with a list of hosts you wish to monitor.
Lastly, edit STATSDHOST to refer to your statsd instance.
The script can then be started and stopped like any other service.

We appreciate the efforts of the opensource community, and as such, take pleasure into giving back.
Some parts of this script was taken from Apokalyptik's GPL'd (GPLv3), and the remainder is ours.
It is licensed under The MIT License, which is included in this repository in the file license.txt