![Hipchat + Bamboo]( Bamboo Hipchat Plugin ===================== This plugin integrates [Bamboo]( with [Hipchat]( It allows any Bamboo notification to be posted to a specific Hipchat room - with or without notifying the users in that room. This plugin allows you to take advantage of Bamboo's: * flexible notification system (ie tell me when this build fails more than 5 times!) * commenting (comments show up in the chatroom so everyone can see someone's working on the build) with Hipchat's: * persistent history (join the chatroom, see recent builds), * ease of creating chat rooms (create rooms for specific builds or high priority failures to tune out noise), * mobile clients (get vibrating notifications on your iPhone when messages appear in certain rooms) **Desktop Client** screenshot: ![Desktop Client Screenshot]( **iPhone Client** screenshot: ![iPhone Client Screenshot]( Notifications Supported ----------------------- * Build successful * Build failed * Build commented * Job hung * Job queue timeout Setup ----- 1. Go to the *Notifications* tab of the *Configure Plan* screen. 1. Choose a *Recipient Type* of *Hipchat* ![Recipient Type]( 1. Configure your *Hipchat API token*, *Room Name* (to post message to) and check the *Notify* box if you want Hipchat to notify everyone in the room (by bouncing the dock icon on OSX, vibrate on iPhone etc). ![Recipient Config]( 1. You're done! Go and get building. ![Screenshot]( Feedback? Questions? -------------------- Twitter: @mcannonbrookes or