Sherif Mansour avatar Sherif Mansour committed 4be7433

changed to use rather than JS hackery to get the pageid

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-// is there a more consistent way to do this? Info link should always be visible AFAIK
-function getPageId() {
-	infoLink = jQuery('#view-page-info-link').attr('href');
-	return infoLink.substring(infoLink.indexOf('=') + 1);
 function postComment(o) {
 	el = jQuery(o);
     commentText = el.val();
     parentId = el.attr('name')
-	pageId = getPageId();
+	pageId = AJS.Data.get("page-id");
 	el.after('<span style="padding-left: 8px; margin-top: 4px;"><img src="" text-align="absmiddle"></span>');
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