JIRA iPhone Web Interface Plugin


Using JIRA on an iPhone can be quite cumbersome. This plugin tries to address this by providing an iPhone friendly skin for JIRA. When a user navigates to a JIRA instance on an iPhone with this plugin installed, they'll automatically get redirected to the iPhone web interface. Currently the iPhone web interface allows mainly viewing of information.

It currently provides the following functions:

  • View a single issue
  • View Dashboards & Gadgets
  • Create Issues
  • Run your favourite filters
  • View unresolved issues assigned to you
  • View unresolved issues reported by you
  • Run a JQL query
  • Add comments to an issue
  • Users can also choose to return to the normal JIRA interface for the duration of their current session, if the iPhone web-interface doesn't let them do what they want.

This plugin is a 20% time production and very much in beta. It is not officially supported by Atlassian.

Building this plugin

This plugin is built with the Plugins SDK (more information available at in our Developer Docs). If youre using Intellij Idea simply import the pom.xml file to get started developing.

To run the plugin type: atlas-debug

This will start an instance of JIRA (with debug parameters so you can connect via a remote debugger) with the plugin deployed. To test it out, a webkit based browser like Chrome or Safari is best. XCode on a Mac also provides an iPhone simulator.