repoze.who.plugins.openid_mcfletch / docs / usage.rst


The OpenID plugin is configured like all the other repoze.who plugins via the who.ini file (or what the name of it happens to be according to your main .ini file.

Here is an example of the openid-plugin-section:


use = repoze.who.plugins.openid:make_identification_plugin

store = file
store_file_path = %(here)s/sstore
openid_field = openid
came_from_field = came_from
error_field = error
session_name = beaker.session
login_form_url = /login_form
login_handler_path = /do_login
logout_handler_path = /logout
logged_in_url = /success
logged_out_url = /logout_success
rememberer_name = auth_tkt

A more complete example will be given below.

Configuration options

Here is a list of all possible configuration options and there possible values:

The challenge decider

In order to trigger the OpenID process the challenge plugin needs to know when to really start it. Usually this needs to be done if an OpenID is present in the request. Per default the challenger is only called for Unauthorized responses from the application. In order to also trigger it for requests containing the field defined in openid_field you also have to configure a different Challengde Decider in your who.ini:

challenge_decider = repoze.who.plugins.openid.classifiers:openid_challenge_decider

Complete example

In order to show how all the plugins work together here is a complete who.ini: