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whoosh / setup.cfg

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build-dir = docs/build
source-dir = docs/source

upload-dir = docs/build/html

formats = zip,gztar

push = sdist upload
pushdocs = build_sphinx upload_sphinx

; --tb= traceback print mode (long/short/line/native/no)
addopts = -rs --tb=native

norecursedirs = .hg .tox _build tmp* env* benchmark stress
minversion = 2.0
python_files = test_*.py
pep8ignore =
 *.py E121 E122 E123 E124 E125 E126 E127 E128  # continuation line indentation
 *.py E401  # imports on separate lines
 *.py W391  # blank line at end of file

 test_*.py E501  # Ignore long lines in tests

 upload.py ALL  # 3rd party (and not in the repo): rietveld upload tool
 docs/source/conf.py ALL  # sphinx stuff, automatically generated, don't check this
 src/whoosh/lang/*.py ALL  # 3rd party / crashing py.test with non-ascii stuff
 src/whoosh/lang/snowball/*.py ALL  # 3rd party
 src/whoosh/support/relativedelta.py ALL  # 3rd party
 src/whoosh/support/charset.py ALL  # non-ascii py.test crash
 src/whoosh/support/unicode.py ALL  # non-ascii py.test crash