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Added context manager interface to Storage base class. See issue #277.

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File src/whoosh/filedb/

     def __iter__(self):
         return iter(self.list())
+    def __enter__(self):
+        self.create()
+        return self
+    def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
+        self.close()
     def create(self):
         """Creates any required implementation-specific resources. For example,
         a filesystem-based implementation might create a directory, while a
             st = FileStorage("indexdir").create()
+        Storage implementations should be written so that calling create() a
+        second time on the same storage
         :return: a :class:`Storage` instance.
         del self.files
         del self.locks
+    def close(self):
+        self.destroy()
     def list(self):
         return list(self.files.keys())