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     excerpts = highlight(text, terms, analyzer, fragmenter, formatter, top=3,
                          scorer=BasicFragmentScorer, minscore=1, order=FIRST)
     The original text of the document.
     A sequence or set containing the query words to match, e.g. ("render",
     The analyzer to use to break the document text into tokens for matching
     against the query terms. This is usually the analyzer for the field the
     query terms are in.
     A :class:`whoosh.highlight.Fragmenter` object, see below.
     A :class:`whoosh.highlight.Formatter` object, see below.
     The number of fragments to include in the output.
     A :class:`whoosh.highlight.FragmentScorer` object. The only scorer currently
     included with Whoosh is :class:`~whoosh.highlight.BasicFragmentScorer`, the
     The minimum score a fragment must have to be considered for inclusion.
     An ordering function that determines the order of the "top" fragments in the
     output text.