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Removed reference to old "Cosine" scoring object. Fixes issue #315.

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 You can set the scoring object to use when you create the searcher using the
 ``weighting`` keyword argument::
-    with myindex.searcher(weighting=whoosh.scoring.Cosine()) as s:
+    from whoosh import scoring
+    with myindex.searcher(weighting=scoring.TF_IDF()) as s:
-A scoring object is an object with a :meth:`~whoosh.scoring.Weighting.score`
-method that takes information about the term to score and returns a score as a
-floating point number.
+A weighting model is a :class:`~whoosh.scoring.WeightingModel` subclass with a
+``scorer()`` method that produces a "scorer" instance. This instance has a
+method that takes the current matcher and returns a floating point score.
     with myindex.searcher() as s:
         qp = qparser.QueryParser("content", myindex.schema)
         user_q = qp.parse(query_string)
         # Only show documents in the "rendering" chapter
         allow_q = query.Term("chapter", "rendering")
         # Don't show any documents where the "tag" field contains "todo"
         restrict_q = query.Term("tag", "todo")
         results = s.search(user_q, filter=allow_q, mask=restrict_q)
 (If you specify both a ``filter`` and a ``mask``, and a matching document
     with myindex.searcher() as s:
         qp = qparser.QueryParser("content", myindex.schema)
         user_q = qp.parse(query_string)
         # Filter documents older than 7 days
         old_q = query.DateRange("created", None, datetime.now() - timedelta(days=7))
         results = s.search(user_q, mask=old_q)
         print("Filtered out %d older documents" % results.filtered_count)
     if results.has_matched_terms():
         # What terms matched in the results?
         # What terms matched in each hit?
         for hit in results:
         # Set the facet to collapse on and the maximum number of documents per
         # facet value (default is 1)
         results = s.collector(collapse="hostname", collapse_limit=3)
         # Dictionary mapping collapse keys to the number of documents that
         # were filtered out by collapsing on that key
         price_facet = sorting.FieldFacet("price", reverse=True)
         type_facet = sorting.FieldFacet("type")
         rating_facet = sorting.FieldFacet("rating", reverse=True)
         results = s.collector(sortedby=price_facet,  # Sort by reverse price
                               collapse=type_facet,  # Collapse on product type
                               collapse_order=rating_facet  # Collapse to highest rated
 To limit the amount of time a search can take::
     from whoosh.collectors import TimeLimitCollector, TimeLimit
     with myindex.searcher() as s:
         # Get a collector object
         c = s.collector(limit=None, sortedby="title_exact")
         # Wrap it in a TimeLimitedCollector and set the time limit to 10 seconds
         tlc = TimeLimitedCollector(c, timelimit=10.0)
         # Try searching
             s.search_with_collector(myquery, tlc)