Matt Chaput avatar Matt Chaput committed 7c5bb4a

Changed priority of SequencePlugin filter so it runs before operators.
Previously an operator could capture a QuoteNode before the sequence saw it.

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         return [(FnTagger(self.expr, self.QuoteNode, "quote"), 0)]
     def filters(self, parser):
-        return [(self.do_quotes, 650)]
+        return [(self.do_quotes, 550)]
     def do_quotes(self, parser, group):
         # New group to copy nodes into


     assert q[1].slop == 2
     assert q[1][1].__class__ == query.FuzzyTerm
     assert q[1][1].maxdist == 3
+def test_sequence_andmaybe():
+    qp = default.QueryParser("f", None)
+    qp.remove_plugin_class(plugins.PhrasePlugin)
+    qp.add_plugins([plugins.FuzzyTermPlugin(), plugins.SequencePlugin()])
+    q = qp.parse(u('Dahmen ANDMAYBE "Besov Spaces"'))
+    assert isinstance(q, query.AndMaybe)
+    assert q[0] == query.Term("f", u("Dahmen"))
+    assert q[1] == query.Sequence([query.Term("f", u("Besov")),
+                                   query.Term("f", u("Spaces"))])
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