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File src/whoosh/codec/

 # those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing official
 # policies, either expressed or implied, of Matt Chaput.
+This module implements a "codec" for writing/reading Whoosh 3 indexes.
 import struct
 from array import array
 from collections import defaultdict
     zlib = None
+# This byte sequence is written at the start of a posting list to identify the
+# codec/version
+# Column type to store field length info
 LENGTHS_COLUMN = columns.NumericColumn("B", default=0)
+# Column type to store pointers to vector posting lists
 VECTOR_COLUMN = columns.NumericColumn("I", default=0)
+# Column type to store values of stored fields
 STORED_COLUMN = columns.PickleColumn(columns.CompressedBytesColumn())
 class W3Codec(base.CodecWithGraph):
+    # File extensions
     TERMS_EXT = ".trm"  # Term index
     POSTS_EXT = ".pst"  # Term postings
     VPOSTS_EXT = ".vps"  # Vector postings
         return W3TermsReader(tifile, tilen, postfile)
-    # Graph methods from CodecWithGraph
+    # Graph methods provided by CodecWithGraph
     # Columns

File src/whoosh/

     The current implementation limits the total length of all document values
     a segment to 2 GB.
-    The default value is an empty bytestring (``b''``).
+    The default value (the value returned for a document that didn't have a
+    value assigned to it at indexing time) is an empty bytestring (``b''``).
     _default = emptybytes

File src/whoosh/

 class StoredFieldFacet(FacetType):
     """Lets you sort/group using the value in an unindexed, stored field (e.g.
-    STORED). This is usually slower than using an indexed field.
+    :class:`whoosh.fields.STORED`). This is usually slower than using an indexed
+    field.
     For fields where the stored value is a space-separated list of keywords,
     (e.g. ``"tag1 tag2 tag3"``), you can use the ``allow_overlap`` keyword