Matt Chaput committed b5b6848

CoordMatcher was inheriting a generic implementation of _replacement() that expected the initializer to have a boost argument.
Overrode with a custom method.

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     def term(self):
         return self._term
+    def replace(self, minquality=0):
+        return self
 class CoordMatcher(WrappingMatcher):
     """Modifies the computed score to penalize documents that don't match all
         self._maxqual = child.max_quality()
         self._scale = scale
+    def _replacement(self, newchild):
+        return self.__class__(newchild, scale=self._scale)
     def _sqr(self, score, matching):
         # This is the "SQR" (Short Query Ranking) function used by Apple's old
         # V-twin search library, described in the paper "V-Twin: A Lightweight