Matt Chaput avatar Matt Chaput committed bbdd77a

Calling Searcher.documents()/.document_numbers() with no arguments will now yield
all documents/numbers.

Fixes issue #198.

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         subqueries = []
         for key, value in iteritems(kw):
             subqueries.append(query.Term(key, value))
-        return query.And(subqueries).normalize()
+        if subqueries:
+            q = query.And(subqueries).normalize()
+        else:
+            q = query.Every()
+        return q
     def document_number(self, **kw):
         """Returns the document number of the document matching the given
         >>> docnums = list(searcher.document_numbers(emailto=""))
-        if len(kw) == 0:
-            return []
         return self.docs_for_query(self._query_for_kw(kw))


 def test_docs_method():
     ix = make_index()
     with ix.searcher() as s:
-        assert_equal(_get_keys(s.documents(name="yellow")), [u("A"), u("E")])
-        assert_equal(_get_keys(s.documents(value="red")), [u("A"), u("D")])
+        assert_equal(_get_keys(s.documents(name="yellow")), ["A", "E"])
+        assert_equal(_get_keys(s.documents(value="red")), ["A", "D"])
+        assert_equal(_get_keys(s.documents()), ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E"])
 def test_term():
     _run_query(Term("name", u("yellow")), [u("A"), u("E")])
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