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Avoid using mmap on 32-bit Pythons if the compound file is too large to map.

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 # those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing official
 # policies, either expressed or implied, of Matt Chaput.
-import errno, sys
+import errno
+import os
+import sys
 from threading import Lock
 from shutil import copyfileobj
     def __init__(self, dbfile, use_mmap=True, basepos=0):
         self._file = dbfile
         self.is_closed = False
+        # Seek to the end to get total file size (to check if mmap is OK)
+, os.SEEK_END)
+        filesize = self._file.tell()
         self._diroffset = self._file.read_long()
         self._dirlength = self._file.read_int()
         self._locks = {}
         self._source = None
-        if mmap and use_mmap and hasattr(self._file, "fileno"):
+        use_mmap = (
+            use_mmap
+            and hasattr(self._file, "fileno")  # check file is a real file
+            and filesize < sys.maxsize  # check fit on 32-bit Python
+        )
+        if mmap and use_mmap:
             # Try to open the entire segment as a memory-mapped object
                 fileno = self._file.fileno()