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Added docs and warning to obsolete SpellChecker class.

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 """This module contains helper functions for correcting typos in user queries.
+import warnings
 from collections import defaultdict
 from heapq import heappush, heapreplace
 class SpellChecker(object):
     """This feature is obsolete.
+    Use :meth:`whoosh.searching.Searcher.corrector` instead.
+    See the "Correcting errors in user queries" page in the user documentation.
     def __init__(self, storage, indexname="SPELL",
                  booststart=2.0, boostend=1.0,
                  mingram=3, maxgram=4,
+        warnings.warn("SpellChecker object is deprecated", DeprecationWarning) = storage
         self.indexname = indexname
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