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whoosh / src / whoosh / analysis / filters.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Matt Chaput
Added __ne__ method to Filter. Fixes issue #374.
Matt Chaput
Added lang= keyword argument to StopFilter. Added whoosh.lang.has_stemmer() and has_stopwords() functions. Improved documentation.
Removed remove arg doc from StopFilter, no longer in use
Matt Chaput
Fixed output of charset_table_to_dict to be a dict. Fixes issue #298. Fixed missing parens in stemming.rst. Fixes issue #299. Minor doc fixes.
Thomas Waldmann
white-space-only source cosmetics, details see below Changes were made by running a script that did the cleanups automatically: - no trailing blanks - exactly one linefeed at file end, see PEP8 - DOS line endings on .bat and .cmd files, unix line endings everywhere else
Matt Chaput
Fixed missing compat function.
Matt Chaput
Fixed missing encoding comment.
Matt Chaput
Converted whoosh.analysis to a package. Require filters and tokenizers to be objects.