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versioning / releasing / tagging inconsistencies, missing/forgotten things

Thomas Waldmann avatarThomas Waldmann created an issue

just pulled whoosh from pypi via pip. whoosh.__version__ says it is 1.8.4.

Looked at docs, no release notes about 1.8.4. There, it looks like 1.8.3 is latest release.

Looked at repo, no release 1.8.4 tagged. In fact, no tags for any recent release, since 1.2. After some searching, one finds a commit comment talking about 1.8.4 (but that is a rather fuzzy element, far better is to use tags for that. tags are also easier to adjust in case you forgot something).

Bitbucket download page, offers whoosh 1.2 (and "tip") - which seems to correspond to the tags you have made.

OK, so what I suggest is that you have a wiki page (for example), with "how to release" and just follow that step by step for any release you make.

Just have a look there, that's mine for moin:

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  1. Thomas Waldmann

    can we please work on solving/closing this issue?

    i just discovered that there is 2.5.1 on pypi (great!), but:

    • no changelog for 2.5.1
    • not even a tag in the repo for 2.5.1

    I think a documentation / checklist would really help so that such things won't be forgotten accidentally (I also read my own checklist when doing a release).

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