EOFError on Searcher creation after using MultiSegmentWriter

Issue #113 resolved
Matt Chaput
repo owner created an issue

{{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\workspace\whoosh\tests\test_indexing.py", line 77, in test_multisegwriter with ix.searcher() as s: File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\index.py", line 310, in searcher return Searcher(self.reader(), fromindex=self, **kwargs) File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\fileindex.py", line 338, in reader info.generation, reuse=reuse) File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\fileindex.py", line 323, in _reader readers = [segreader(segment) for segment in segments] File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\fileindex.py", line 312, in segreader return SegmentReader(storage, schema, segment) File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\filereading.py", line 59, in init self.storedfields = StoredFieldReader(sf) File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\filetables.py", line 694, in init name_map = dbfile.read_pickle() File "E:\workspace\whoosh\src\whoosh\filedb\structfile.py", line 207, in read_pickle return load_pickle(self.file) EOFError


At first glance the stored fields file appears to have been closed properly after writing.

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