MultiSegmentWriter doesn't commit changes to indexes

Issue #150 resolved
created an issue

Code for reproducing(you need create "indexdir" instead):



from whoosh.index import create_in, open_dir from whoosh.fields import * from whoosh.filedb.multiproc import MultiSegmentWriter

schema = Schema(title=TEXT(stored=True), path=ID(stored=True), content=TEXT)

ix = create_in("indexdir", schema) with MultiSegmentWriter(ix) as writer: writer.add_document(title=u"First document", path=u"/a", content=u"This is the first document we've added!") writer.add_document(title=u"Second document", path=u"/b", content=u"The second one is even more interesting!")

with ix.searcher() as searcher: print [i for i in searcher.all_stored_fields()] }}}

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