NestedChildren documentation reads strangely

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Thomas Waldmann
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When reading NestedParents and NestedChildren docs one after the other, one somehow feels that the docs of NestedChildren might be wrong.

NestedParents has some means to select "all parents" and search for "wanted children", so one would expect NestedChildren would somehow have selectors for "wanted parents" and "all children", but the docs tell about "all_parents" and "wanted_parents".

When looking at the NestedChildren code, first param seems to be related to parents and second param seem to be related to children. But in the docs, they are both about parents.

Please check. :-)

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    Maybe that "strange read" is caused by the docs saying one is the opposite of the other, that caused some expectation in me that was only partly satisfied.

    NestedParents is offering a means to select the parent documents, they don't even need to be immediate parents of the children found, could also be grandparents etc.

    Is NestedChildren offering the opposite functionality? Is it just returning immediate children? Or also grandchilds? It doesn't quite feel as the opposite functionality of NestedParents.

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