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Issue #275 resolved

from __future__ import unicode_literals vs. py2.5

Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

python 2.6 is required for this future import.

for python 2.5 it'll just give:

SyntaxError: future feature unicode_literals is not defined (danish.py, line 1)

(seen on the shining panda python 2.5 based tests)

so, the question is: shall we rewrite the snowball modules and the lang.isri module so it does not use unicode_literals?

Comments (4)

  1. Matt Chaput repo owner

    I think the only way to restore Py2.5 compatibility for this code is to translate the source code from using unicode_literals to using u("\u2526") type strings.

    I will try to write a script to translate these files automatically.

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